Zelpa gives your flexible packaging a new life and processes your paper or packaging raw materials into reusable products.

Our main suppliers are factories and industries; we give their materials a second life. We offer our manufacturers the best and most profitable solution.

At the same time, we can supply our customers’ raw materials in the most eco-friendly manner. The combination of our extensive know-how and skilled staff is what makes our team special. We analyse every type of paper, cardboard or plastic in a professional manner.

We find the right customers for the right end product.

Zelpa recycleerbedrijf 

A recycling company needs to be developed in three areas: contacts, machinery and knowledge. Zelpa has all three.


Over the years Zelpa has found the right reliable contacts for both buying and selling all our types of products. As such, we are able to recycle everything in an eco-friendly manner.


The sorting of our raw materials represents a large part of the recycling process. Everything needs to be sorted correctly and thoroughly in its department as each product has its own place and processing technique, using the right machine.


Our knowledge and know-how are what make us special. We are one of the specialists in the recycling industry. We have extensive knowledge about recycling paper, cardboard and plastic and each end product with its specifications.

The company was founded by Mr. S. Gros in 1965.

Zelpa started out processing packaging waste into paper wool and cellophane wool. As its experience grew, the company consistently expanded its product range, possibilities and staff.

The difference between Zelpa and other recycling companies?

Zelpa has the knowledge to still give hard-to-recycle materials a new life. Waterproof paper, paper with a PE coating or a different coating are just a few examples. Together we strive to find the best solution for our suppliers and the environment.